E- Cycles

We had a vision for creating a sustainable future. Motovolt, the digital tiger, was born out of that vision. Inspired by the Royal Bengal Tiger, our digital tiger is known for its strength, speed and agility. To tackle the increase in fuel prices and improve the usage of renewable energy, we have come up with an innovative transport solution. ‘EV cycles’ is our revolutionary idea. ‘EV cycles’ will make journeys less straining for you and the environment. Our ‘EV cycles’ is based on the Motovolt technology.

What keeps us separated from the competitors is our Motovolt technology. It is a world-class technology developed indigenously from start to finish. Design, Development, Validation & Production of the product is proprietary and managed by us. Our team worked hard and took the best out of Automotive, Electronics & the ‘Internet of Moving Things’ to deliver a smart mobility solution. Grab one of our cycles and be part of this revolution. We are presenting you the future with great pride!

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