Biomass Gasifiers

Waste management is a painstaking process for manufacturing and other industries. Often it gets mismanaged and gets into places damaging the environment. At Pure Harvest, we provide innovative solutions to handle waste sustainably. We have solutions that can process both hazardous and non-hazardous wastes. We have catered for many industrial customers like oil and gas industries.

Our recycling systems have front-end separation systems for waste-to-energy technologies. Our equipment makes it possible to extract recyclables at the highest recovery rates and produce the specific feed required for energy conversions while removing harmful contaminants.

With our modularly manufactured plants, industrial companies, agricultural and sewage treatment companies can convert their carbon-containing “waste” on-site into premium biochar and at the same time generate regenerative energy. We convert residual or problematic material into high-quality, climate-protecting biochar. Biochar enables permanent storage of the CO2 bound in the residual materials. In conclusion, PYREG plant operators close material cycles and create nature-based carbon sinks.

We make the harmful substances into environment-friendly residuals. While disposing of the waste, you will be saving climate each time.