Pure Harvest was the first adopter of Corporate Farming in the Middle East and South-East Asia. It is now the foremost corporate farming company in the region. With excellence and innovation in farming, the company grew beyond our imagination. We adopt world-class quality standards in packaging, trading and distribution. We are proud to showcase our presence in a wide range of fresh produce, managing farms, trading & distributing high-quality premium agricultural produce. Pure Harvest Agricultural Systems prides itself on quality, service and trust.  The company produces maximum crop yields that are safe and hygienic. We conform to globally recognized and certified “Good Agricultural Practices” (GAP) practices. The company’s philosophy is preserving the highest production capability from available land and water resources using innovative cultivation practices. It applies sustainable farming methods that bring maximum yields.

The company uses high-quality seeds and uncompromised safety measures to ensure that its products are fresh and safe. Pure Harvest pays attention to detail during growing, packaging and shipping operations. With farming operations spread over 1000-hectares near Sawadi on Oman’s Batinah Coast, 80 kilometres northwest of Muscat, and Haylat in the Dhofar region, 160 kilometres from Salalah, we are efficiently poised to serve our customers throughout the Middle East & South-East Asia. Pure Harvest has grown its farming projects into a Desert Magic. Our production output increased from 2,000 tons in the early years to 45,000 tonnes.


‘Pure Harvest Agricultural Systems’ is based in the Sultanate of Oman. Pure Harvest offers to develop existing and new farmland into a sustainable, long-term and profitable agricultural business. The company has a joint venture program that seeks partnerships with established farm developers or individuals in the Middle East, Africa, Far East and Sub-Continent. Suppliers include Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Egypt, Turkey, the Philippines, U.S.A. We make sure to keep our quality standards by guiding our partners. The work includes onsite visits to various points. We ensure that the products we receive, pack and ship to our clients is of the best class, grade and quality. Our products meet Global GAP & HACCP requirements.


We have temperature-controlled packing facilities. It ensures the right environment for a diverse range of products. Our MIS ensures that all products are tracked at multiple levels to ensure full accountability. Whether you need drive-in racking, free-standing floor space or cross-docking, we provide a range of solutions for our partners and customers. Our chambers can be chilled to between 0°c and 12°c and can hold up to 3000 pallets and a further 500 pallet spaces of ambient storage space. Whether you need drive-in racking or free-standing floor space, we ensure we have the right environment for a diverse range of products. 

Pure Harvest delivers products with a lead-time of only 1-4 days to 10+ countries in the Middle East (based on freight type). Pure Harvest Agricultural Systems has developed world-class facilities that deploy modern cold chain management. Our facilities are designed and engineered with individual climate zones to support cold-chain integrity.

Pure Harvest Agricultural Systems is foremost in sharing knowledge with the local farming community. Pure Harvest’s corporate culture places the highest value on remaining close to the local farming community. The company buys back the produce at a pre-agreed price, thereby directly contributing to local community welfare. Student Outreach – Pure Harvest aims to get the next generation involved in building a sustainable food source.