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We believe in quality and we deliver quality. Wide range of products to make your life better.

A key to sustainable future

Pure Harvest believes that one could run a profitable business even while caring for the environment. We prioritise the environment with all our services and products. But we never sacrifice our product quality. We have been in this industry for many long years and know our customers. We always collect their feedback. So every product we create revolves around their needs. They are tailor-made for you. So you never have to adjust your requirements.

We keep high product quality standards. We are farmers ourselves. So everything produced by us is also used in our farming. We will never manufacture products that we won’t use for ourselves. So you can trust our products. We collaborate with farmers. Our efforts in making their life better are proof of our dedication. Check out our product catalogue and find your needs fulfilled.



Harvest seeds

We at Pure Harvest make it our mission to provide the best quality seeds for the best produce. We handle everything from the time of planting seeds to the harvesting period. 


We are an independent laboratory. We started with tissue culture multiplication of garden plants. Currently, we are distributing over 0.5 million plants annually.


Solar Cold storage

A cold storage system powered by solar energy. A facility for ensuring storage quality and reducing wastage of horticulture and floriculture produce.


Solar Power Plant System

Harnessing the power of the Sun, we are saving fuel costs and global warming. A perfect solar grid system for saving energy expenditure.


EV Charger Solution

We have set up an EV charging solution with our international partners, ‘EV chargers’. Our innovative EV chargers will make you free from the grid.


E- Cycles

‘EV cycles’ is our revolutionary idea to tackle fuel costs. A cycle powered by electricity. ‘EV cycles’ will make journeys less straining for you and the environment. Our ‘EV cycles’ is based on the Motovolt technology.


Biomass Gasifiers

At Pure Harvest, we have solutions that can process both hazardous and non-hazardous wastes. We have catered for many industrial customers like oil and gas industries.


Pure Harvest Food & Beverages

Pure Harvest has a wide range of food items ranging from rice, spices canned, dehydrated vegetables, peas, fruits, canned meat, fish, ‘ready to Eat foods’, Frozen /Fresh Meat and Fish and all other canned goods available in the market.



We have dedicated ourselves to farming. We have perfected our craft. Now we are providing services and consultation to farmers all around the world. We guarantee a better yield and profit.

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