The tissue culture lab began in the small living room of our family house in 2019. After lots of hard work and dedication to quality, we have grown to become a fully independent laboratory. We started with tissue culture multiplication of garden plants. Decades of experience from Pure Harvest drove the growth to newer heights. Currently, we are distributing over 0.5 million plants annually. And around 95 per cent is shipped to South East Asia. Now we offer a lot of services. We have a strong research team with in-depth knowledge of Biology. Prudent planning and stable plant stock results in a broad offer of over nine varieties of cuts, Banana, Pineapple and trees. We have a very diverse portfolio.

We primarily focus on innovation, producing quality results and customer satisfaction. We do tissue culture of plants to mass multiplication and rooting in the greenhouse. We have introduced new production standards such as new LED lighting technology and experiments with more transparent production containers. We need to make sure that our products are of high standards. By creating virus and bacteria free plants of homogenous characteristics, we save our clients from a lot of cash expenditure in the future during each stage of production. We reserve all our multiplication stock fresh and in sterile conditions.

We provide reliable customer support and interaction. We make sure to visit their farms. Our advice and guidance will ensure that the products are planted well in the soil. And all our clients get photo updates on different stages of production to keep them connected. We care about our clients, so we hear what they say about us.