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Everything began with a dream.

Everyone has a story of hardships and dreams that led them to what they are now. We also have one, with a small beginning. Our story began in a cottage industry. It was the dream and conviction of our founders that led us to what we are now. In 1993, EK EdavanaHaridas & PoottalaSathyanNived had a dream. A vision of building a company focused on sustainable development. And all you see today is the result of that dream. We rapidly spread our roots to many countries and diversified our industries in different fields. And now we are a name synonymous with quality.

Once we laid our foundation, we expanded very soon. We began by establishing a solid distribution network in Europe and North America. And in 2022, we are ready to acquire three more farms. One in India (which produces and supplies the Onions and Banana). One in Africa ( Fresh Vegetables). And another one in Sri Lanka (Coconut, Banana and Mango). Our next phase of expansion ends in East Asian and Middle Eastern Market.

We are fulfilling our dreams. We are now a prominent company in farming, tourism, EV Vehicles, real estate, Food and Beverages,  and textile Industries. We may not see it or even accept it. But our climate is not the same as before. We all are responsible for this. Look around. It is coming back to bite us. Industries contribute a lot through irresponsible development and pollution. Maybe it is ignorance. Maybe negligence. But we are choosing to stand apart. All our plans are in alignment with sustainable development to restore environmental balance. Everything we do will be for the betterment of the society and environment. And like our motto – “Go Forward With Pure Harvest”. We don’t have to destroy our mother earth. Let’s move forward to a sustainable future.


Make India self-sufficient in the domains of agricultural produce through farm mechanization.


Pure Harvest believes in creating innovation in every industry we enter. The quality of our products speaks for us. We have always designed our products with the consumer in mind. We understand your needs. So everything we develop will fulfil your needs. Whether we work through partners or directly, we always guarantee quality. We specialise in polymer derived and natural Sisal products. We make it our mission to keep our products accessible. We have an efficient supply chain that guarantees delivery.

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