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Pure Harvest was the first adopter of Corporate Farming in the Middle East and South-East Asia. It is now the foremost corporate farming company in the region. With excellence and innovation in farming, the company grew beyond our imagination. We adopt world-class quality standards in packaging, trading and distribution. We are proud to showcase our presence in a wide range of fresh produce, managing farms, trading & distributing high-quality premium agricultural produce. Pure Harvest Agricultural Systems prides itself on quality, service and trust.

The company produces maximum crop yields that are safe and hygienic. We conform to globally recognized and certified “Good Agricultural Practices” (GAP) practices. The company’s philosophy is preserving the highest production capability from available land and water resources using innovative cultivation practices. It applies sustainable farming methods that bring maximum yields.

The company uses high-quality seeds and uncompromised safety measures to ensure that its products are fresh and safe. Pure Harvest pays attention to detail during growing, packaging and shipping operations. With farming operations spread over 1000-hectares near Sawadi on Oman’s Batinah Coast, 80 kilometres northwest of Muscat, and Haylat in the Dhofar region, 160 kilometres from Salalah, we are efficiently poised to serve our customers throughout the Middle East, Europe & Asia. Pure Harvest has grown its farming projects into a Desert Magic. Our production output increased from 2,000 tons in the early years to 45,000 tonnes.


‘Pure Harvest Agricultural Systems’ is based in the Sultanate of Oman. Pure Harvest offers to develop existing and new farmland into a sustainable, long-term and profitable agricultural business. The company has a joint venture program that seeks partnerships with established farm developers or individuals in the Middle East, Africa, Far East and Sub-Continent. Suppliers include Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Europe, Egypt, Turkey, the Philippines, U.S.A. We make sure to keep our quality standards by guiding our partners. The work includes onsite visits to various points. We ensure that the products we receive, pack and ship to our clients is of the best class, grade and quality. Our products meet Global GAP & HACCP requirements.


We have temperature-controlled packing facilities. It ensures the right environment for a diverse range of products. Our MIS ensures that all products are tracked at multiple levels to ensure full accountability. Whether you need drive-in racking, free-standing floor space or cross-docking, we provide a range of solutions for our partners and customers. Our chambers can be chilled to between 0°c and 12°c and can hold up to 3000 pallets and a further 500 pallet spaces of ambient storage space. Whether you need drive-in racking or free-standing floor space, we ensure we have the right environment for a diverse range of products.


With an expertise of over three decades in this industry, we at Pure Harvest make it our mission to provide the best quality seeds for the best produce. We handle everything from the time of planting seeds to the harvesting period. We have been farming for many years. We know almost every possible problem in farming. So we will support you in all kinds of situations soil erosion, weeds, insects, climate change or anything else. And because of this, at no point will you lose money or the quality of production.

We believe everything is interconnected. The environmental problems in an area will also affect the economy and society. So we partner with farmers directly to improve soil health and remove situations occurring during farming activities. We have an experienced R&D team. Their efforts over these many years created the high-yielding variety of seeds we distribute. We believe the best of science can transform lives. Over the years, we have enhanced farming productivity and ensured food and nutritional security for all the farmers working with us.

We are farmers. We never compromise on quality. We never distribute seeds or anything which we will not use for ourselves. That’s how dedicated we are to farming. We only exist with farmers. That is why we produce innovative and better products for agriculture every year. Because we know when you grow, we grow with you. We are a pioneer in this business, both off-field and on the field. So trust us. Come to us. Let us together harvest a better fruitful tomorrow

We have partnered with The Nature Conservancy (TNC), a non-profit environmental organisation. Together we promote the ‘Good Growth Plan’. Pure Harvest believes ‘sustainable development is only possible with collaboration from the government, the private sector and civil society. With many like-minded people, we promote a collaborative culture for sustainable development.


The tissue culture lab began in the small living room of our family house in 2019. After lots of hard work and dedication to quality, we have grown to become a fully independent laboratory. We started with tissue culture multiplication of garden plants. Decades of experience from Pure Harvest drove the growth to newer heights. Currently, we are distributing over 0.5 million plants annually. And around 95 per cent is shipped to South East Asia. Now we offer a lot of services. We have a strong research team with in-depth knowledge of Biology. Prudent planning and stable plant stock results in a broad offer of over nine varieties of cuts, Banana, Pineapple and trees. We have a very diverse portfolio.

We primarily focus on innovation, producing quality results and customer satisfaction. We do tissue culture of plants to mass multiplication and rooting in the greenhouse. We have introduced new production standards such as new LED lighting technology and experiments with more transparent production containers. We need to make sure that our products are of high standards. By creating virus and bacteria free plants of homogenous characteristics, we save our clients from a lot of cash expenditure in the future during each stage of production. We reserve all our multiplication stock fresh and in sterile conditions.

We provide reliable customer support and interaction. We make sure to visit their farms. Our advice and guidance will ensure that the products are planted well in the soil. And all our clients get photo updates on different stages of production to keep them connected. We care about our clients, so we hear what they say about us.

Solar Cold storage

Pure Harvest has developed a lot of innovative products. They encouraged us to create new equipment for farming. A cold storage system powered by solar energy. A facility for ensuring storage quality and reducing wastage of horticulture and floriculture produce.

An ideal temperature for optimum quality agricultural produce is between 0 and 15 degrees Celcius. This temperature is hard to maintain using traditional methods. Since farmers can't store it, they rush it to the market. And it creates an overabundance and reduction of the market price. We have introduced our cold storage for helping small scale farmers set up their small storage units to prevent this from happening.

Our stand-alone cold storage systems are built by 'Ice Make'. In the absence of sunlight, it can work through the AC power connection. And that makes it an ideal cost-effective solution for farmers. They are portable, affordable with a cheap running cost.

Solar Power Plant System

Sunlight is free energy. With rising fuel costs and global warming, it is an ideal solution to harness its powers and make use of them in our homes. It is abundantly available and inexhaustible. So we don't ever have to worry about using it up. All you need to do is set it up. And it will run well for a long while.

Commercial projects and residential projects must utilise the benefits of solar energy for creating a sustainable environment. Solar energy is not just free. It causes zero emissions, and production does not require running costs or other investments other than the initial one for the panels. So it is a very efficient source of energy, capable of reducing energy charges drastically.

Pure Harvest Energy is a globally leading supplier of power generation technologies. We have products that use renewable resources like wind, biogas and solar. We can cater to all kinds of energy needs. We have a  heritage of creating innovative solutions. For over a century, photovoltaic cells have proven effective for power generation. So start adopting. Save money and nature in one go.

EV Charger Solution

Indian market roads are now flooding with technologies for energy autonomy. We are pioneers in this business. We have set up an EV charging solution with our international partners, 'EV chargers'. Our innovative EV chargers with integration with solar panels, battery storage and smart home devices allow every user to be free from the grid. The energy they need will be harnessed and stored right at their homes. The demand for electric vehicles has increased randomly. Having an EV charger will give you an extra edge. Ours is one of the best European Electric Vehicle chargers.

Currently, they have served in over 35 countries with 60,000 charging stations. Now it is time for EV Charging India. And we are introducing them to you. 'Pure Harvest Solutions' is launching its services with demos and free charging stations for our customers in India. 

E- Cycles

We had a vision for creating a sustainable future. Motovolt, the digital tiger, was born out of that vision. Inspired by the Royal Bengal Tiger, our digital tiger is known for its strength, speed and agility. To tackle the increase in fuel prices and improve the usage of renewable energy, we have come up with an innovative transport solution. 'EV cycles' is our revolutionary idea. 'EV cycles' will make journeys less straining for you and the environment. Our 'EV cycles' is based on the Motovolt technology.

What keeps us separated from the competitors is our Motovolt technology. It is a world-class technology developed indigenously from start to finish. Design, Development, Validation & Production of the product is proprietary and managed by us. Our team worked hard and took the best out of Automotive, Electronics & the 'Internet of Moving Things' to deliver a smart mobility solution. Grab one of our cycles and be part of this revolution. We are presenting you the future with great pride!

Biomass Gasifiers

Waste management is a painstaking process for manufacturing and other industries. Often it gets mismanaged and gets into places damaging the environment. At Pure Harvest, we provide innovative solutions to handle waste sustainably. We have solutions that can process both hazardous and non-hazardous wastes. We have catered for many industrial customers like oil and gas industries.

Our recycling systems have front-end separation systems for waste-to-energy technologies. Our equipment makes it possible to extract recyclables at the highest recovery rates and produce the specific feed required for energy conversions while removing harmful contaminants.

With our modularly manufactured plants, industrial companies, agricultural and sewage treatment companies can convert their carbon-containing “waste” on-site into premium biochar and at the same time generate regenerative energy. We convert residual or problematic material into high-quality, climate-protecting biochar. Biochar enables permanent storage of the CO2 bound in the residual materials. In conclusion, PYREG plant operators close material cycles and create nature-based carbon sinks.

We make the harmful substances into environment-friendly residuals. While disposing of the waste, you will be saving climate each time.

Pure Harvest Food & Beverages

Pure Harvest leads with many products in the market. We have a product and service coverage from raw materials, food, pharmaceutical and petroleum products to rubber articles, machinery, transportation, household appliances, etc.

Everything we have now started with our trading in the agriculture industry and food industry. Our name stands for quality because we believe in our motto - “Quality Goods for a Quality Life.” When we stand with quality, we are not limiting our products to aesthetic quality. The benefits and advantages our clients receive specifically matter to us. So every product is designed with a long term happy customer in mind.

We train our trade analysts well to procure the best commodities from various parts of the globe. They ensure that quality goods are transported and provided to manufacturers, suppliers, consumers and end-users.





Providing High Quality Products

We produce the best of the best. And we do have a wide product range in the market right now.